González León, Adriano (1931–)

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González León, Adriano (1931–)

Adriano González León (b. 1931), Venezuelan fiction writer. One of Venezuela's most innovative and demanding writers, González León is the author of one of the most accomplished Venezuelan novels of the century, País portátil (1969). He also published the novel Asfalto-infierno (1963) and several volumes of short fiction. His first set of stories, Las hogueras más altas (1957), portrays solitary and violent characters. González León used Faulknerian narrative techniques to construct his historical and political novel País portátil, which tells the story of the Barazarte family through the mind of one of its members, a young revolutionary. At the same time, País portátil also recounts Venezuelan history since the nineteenth century. The young revolutionary, Andrés, carries a bomb on a bus through the city of Caracas. The reader is bombarded with images of modern urban chaos in the city and the conscious and subconscious thoughts of Andrés. González León has published short fiction in the 1970s and 1980s, but no other novels.

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González León, Adriano (1931–)

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González León, Adriano (1931–)