González Ávila, Jorge (1925–1993)

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González Ávila, Jorge (1925–1993)

Jorge González Ávila (b. 10 December 1925, d. 1993), Mexican composer. Born in Mérida, Yucatán, González Ávila was a pupil of the Spanish composer Rodolfo Halffter at the National Conservatory of Mexico. Like a number of Halffter's pupils, González Ávila became a true believer in the twelve-tone and avant-garde serial techniques that the Spanish master had been promoting in Mexico City's musical circles since his arrival in 1939. No dogmatist, González Ávila, who was predominately a composer of piano works, did not follow Halffter's style strictly but took an independent approach to the use of serial elements. Between 1961 and 1964 he wrote a collection of twenty-four inventions for piano; he was also the author of several collections of piano études, some of which demonstrate dodecaphonic writing.

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González Ávila, Jorge (1925–1993)

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González Ávila, Jorge (1925–1993)