Gonzaga, Ludovico (1412–1478)

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Gonzaga, Ludovico (14121478)

Duke of Mantua, the son of Gianfrancesco Gonzaga. He inherited the throne of Mantua in 1444 and allied his forces with that of Milan in 1446. In the next year he joined an alliance with Florence and Venice against Milan. In 1450 he fought for King Alfonso of Naples in northern Italy, but was bribed by Francesco Sforza of Milan with territories belonging to Venice. Ludovico scored an important victory against his brother Carlo, who was fighting for Venice, at the Battle of Goito in 1453. In 1454 the Peace of Lodi returned cities Gonzaga had conquered to Venice. When Carlo died without an heir in 1487, Ludovico inherited his lands. In 1459 Ludovico presided at an important council convened by Pope Pius II, who was intent on turning back the Ottoman Turks from Europe after their conquest of Constantinople.

Ludovico was a patron of the arts and appointed Andrea Mantegna as his court painter. He died of the plague in 1478.

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Gonzaga, Ludovico (1412–1478)

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Gonzaga, Ludovico (1412–1478)