Fernández Madrid, José (1789–1830)

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Fernández Madrid, José (1789–1830)

José Fernández Madrid (b. 19 February 1789; d. 28 June 1830), president of the United Provinces of New Granada. Born in Cartagena and trained in law and medicine, José Fernández Madrid was a prominent figure of New Granada's intellectual scene in the last years of colonial rule. A leading spokesman for the federalist cause in the independence movement, he was made president of the United Provinces in 1816, shortly before its final collapse. During the Spanish reconquest he was exiled from New Granada. He lived for a time in Havana, but at the time of his death in London was serving as envoy of Gran Colombia to England and France. Fernández Madrid is further remembered as a noted journalist and author of poetry and drama.

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Fernández Madrid, José (1789–1830)

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Fernández Madrid, José (1789–1830)