Fernandes, Millôr (c. 1924–)

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Fernandes, Millôr (c. 1924–)

Millôr Fernandes (b. ca. 1924), Brazilian humorist, poet, playwright, and artist. Brazilian society and politics are favorite themes of Fernandes's highly original and satirical views, and most of his works underscore his keen ability to expose the incoherence of everyday life. He often highlights his writings with his own illustrations. His critical but extremely creative irreverence is also found in his "fables"—Fábulas fabulosas (1964) and Novas fábulas fabulosas (1978)—and in his protest theater—Liberdade, liberdade (1965). Fernandes has published frequently in newspapers and journals (such as O Cruzeiro, Tribuna da Imprensa, Correio da Manhã, Pif-Paf), is an important contributor to Veja, and has worked in radio and television. His works of art have been exhibited in the major cities of Brazil. Fernandes has also translated drama, of special note being his translations of works by Shakespeare, Molière, Brecht, and Synge. He is perhaps Brazil's most famous humorist. In addition, in early 2000, he expanded his repertoire to include online periodicals.

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Fernandes, Millôr (c. 1924–)

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Fernandes, Millôr (c. 1924–)