Takamatsu, Shin

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Takamatsu, Shin (1948– ). Japanese architect. He established his own office in 1980 and created several buildings as sculptural elements in the landscape, holding that ‘function follows form’, and often employing anthropomorphic or mechanical imagery. Among his works may be mentioned Origin I, II, and III, Kamigyo, Kyoto (1980–6); two dental clinics, Ark (1983—resembling a locomotive) and Pharaoh (1984—with allusions to ocean-going liners), Kyoto; Kirin Plaza, Osaka (1987); Solaris, Amagasaki (1990); Syntax, Kyoto (1990); Zeus, Nima Sand Museum, Nima-cho (1990); the Kunubiki Messe Hall, Shimane (1991–3); the Kirin Headquarters, Chuo-ku, Tokyo (1990–5); the Shoji Ueda Museum of Photography, Kishimo-to-cho, Tottori (1993–5); and the Quasar Building, Berlin (1994).


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