Gabetti, Roberto

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Gabetti, Roberto (1925–2000). Italian architect. In partnership with Aimaro Oreglia d'Isola (1928– ), he designed the influential Borsa Valori (1953) and Bottega d'Erasmo (1953–6), both in Turin. The latter was seen as an example of Neo-Liberty (it actually owes more to Art Deco), and indeed Gabetti and d'Isola declared their rejection of the ideals and doctrines of the Modern Movement, preferring to explore a development of local building tradition. They thereby incurred the wrath of the orthodox believers, led by Banham, but nevertheless continued to produce architecture that moved further and further away from a (by then) somewhat tired and discredited style. Among other works may be mentioned the Società Ippica Torinese, Turin (1959–60), the Conca Bianca condominium, Sestrière (1976–9), the Orbessano flats, Turin (1982–5), the monastery at Quart, Val d'Aosta (1984–9), and the offices and gardens for SNAM, San Donato, Milan (1985–91).


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