Candilis, Georges

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Candilis, Georges (1913–95). Azerbaijan-born, naturalized French architect. He worked in the offices of Le Corbusier in Paris (1945–8) and Marseilles (1948–50), where he represented Le Corbusier during the construction of the Unité d'Habitation (Unit for Living). He entered into partnership with Shadrach Woods (1923–73) and Vladimir Bodiansky (1894–1966) before setting up with Alexis Josic (1921– ) as Candilis-Josic-Woods in Paris (1955–63). With Bodiansky and Woods he produced the master-plan for Casablanca (1952–4), and with Woods and Josic he worked on the new towns of Bagnols-sur-Cèze (1956–61) and Toulouse-le-Mirail (1960–77). The firm produced many master-plans, including that for the Free University of Berlin-Dahlem (1963–79). Their work adhered to the theoretical propositions of the Athens Charter and CIAM and it shows in the reality.


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