Candido, Vincenzo

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Moral theologian; b. Syracuse, Sicily, 1572 or 1573;d. Rome, Nov. 7, 1654. He became a Dominican at Rome in 1593. Owing to his piety and prudence, he was elected provincial of the Sicilian Province in 1609 and of the Roman Province in 1633. Three times he was prior of the Minerva; twice (1642, 1649), vicar-general of the Order; and intermittently from 1617 to 1642, penitentiary at St. Mary Major. In 1645 Innocent X appointed him Master of the Sacred Palace. His theological opinions expressed about Jansenism and those in his Illustriorum disquisitionum moralium (163743) have often been classed as laxist (see laxism).

Bibliography: i. taurisano, Hierarchia Ordinis Praedicatorum (Rome 1916) 5758. p. mandonnet, Dictionnaire de théologie catholique (Paris 190350) 2.2:1506.

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