Juris, Vic

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Juris, Vic

Juris, Vic, American guitarist; b. Parsippany, N.J., 1953. Initially influenced by rock guitarist Chuck Berry, he first came to the notice of jazz fans by playing with saxophonist Eric Kloss. From there he went on to a stint with jazz-rock fusioneer Barry Miles before settling into an important role with saxophonist Richie Cole’s fine late-1970s group. It was while playing for Cole that Juris got the chance to record under his own name, an opportunity that resulted in three albums for Muse Records (now out of print). Since his days with Cole, the guitarist has played a supporting role in organ groups led by Don Patterson, Wild Bill Davison, and Jimmy Smith in addition to working in Mel Tormé’s backup band. His most recent long-term employer has been saxophonist Dave Liebman. He has also worked in tandem with some of the finest jazz guitarists of the 1980s and 1990s, including Larry Coryell and Birelli Lagrene. In the same vein, he took part in a 1997 concert with Coryell, David Fiuczynski, Russell Malone, and Jack Wilkins, called Five Guitars Play Mingus. In addition to his regular musicianly duties, Juris has worked the academic angle, teaching jazz improvisation and guitar at the New School (Mannes Coll.), Lehigh Univ., and William Patterson Univ.


Bireli Lagrene Ensemble Live featuring Vic Juris (1986); Night Tripper (1995); Music of Alec Wilder (1996); Pastels (1996); Moonscape (1997).

—Garaud MacTaggart