Stiff Upper Lips

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Stiff Upper Lips ★★ ½ 1996

Spoof of all the upper-crusty British costume dramas replete with sexual innuendoes and enlightening travel to hot climes. Twitish Edward (West) tries to pair off best chum Cedric (Portal) with his virgin sister, Emily (Cates). Only Emily prefers hearty servant, George (Pertwee). Snooty Aunt Agnes (Scales) decides everyone should take a restorative trip to Italy and later to India, where Aunt Agnes herself is subjected to a leering tea-planter, Horace (Ustinov). Meanwhile, Edward and Cedric are exploring their own “strange feelings” for one another. As with any film in this genre some gags work better than others. 85m/C VHS, DVD . GB Samuel West, Robert Portal, Georgina Cates, Sean Pertwee, Prunella Scales, Peter Ustinov, Brian Glover, Frank Finlay; D: Gary Sinyor; W: Gary Sinyor, Paul Simpkin; C: Simon Archer; M: David A. Hughes, John Murphy.