Seven Days Ashore

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Seven Days Ashore ★½ 1944

Sailor Dan Arland (Oliver) wants to enjoy his shore leave in San Francisco only he has three girls waiting for him in port. So he pawns Carol (Mayo) and Lucy (Ward) off on his pals Monty (Brown) and Orval (Carney) so he can romance debutante Annabelle (Shepard). Only the girls find out what Dan's done and decide to pay him back. Brown and Carney were a popular comedy duo at the time. 74m/B VHS . Gordon Oliver, Wally Brown, Alan Carney, Elaine Shepard, Virginia Mayo, Amelita Ward, Marcy McGuire, Dooley Wilson; D: John H. Auer; W: Lawrence Kimble, Irving Phillips, Edward Verdier; C: Russell Metty.