Seven Deadly Sins

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Seven Deadly Sins ★★★ 1953

A collection of tales concerning destructive emotions and the downfalls they cause. Contains shorts from some of Europe's finest directors (five French and two Italian). Stories and their directors are “Avarice and Anger” (de Filippo), “Sloth” (Dreville), “Lust” (Allegret), “Envy” (Rossellini), “Gluttony” (Rim), “Pride” (Autant-Lara) and “The Eighth Sin” (Lacombe). 127m/B VHS . FR IT Eduardo de Filippo, Isa Miranda, Jacqueline Plessis, Louis de Funes, Paolo Stoppa, Frank Villard, Jean Richard, Francoise Rosay, Jean Debucourt, Louis Seigner; D: Eduardo de Filippo, Jean Dreville, Yves Allegret, Roberto Rossellini, Carlo Rim, Claude AutantLara, Georges Lacombe.