The Lost Child

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The Lost Child ★★½ 2000

Remarkable true story about a search for identity. Rebecca (Ruehl) always knew she was adopted, being raised Jewish in Pennsylvania. After her adoptive parents are both dead, Rebecca decides to search for her birth parents and discovers that she is a fullblooded Navaho who was taken from her family on the reservation. She immediately decides to take her children to meet her relatives in Arizona, where they are welcomed into the community. But it isn't so simple for Rebecca's husband, Jack (Sheridan), to deal with his outsider status. Based on the autobiography “Looking for Lost Bird” by Yvette Melanson and Claire Safran. 100m/C VHS, DVD . Mercedes Ruehl, Jamey Sheridan, Irene Bedard, Dinah Manoff, Ned Romero, Tantoo Cardinal, Michael Greyeyes, Julia McIlvaine; D: Karen Arthur; W: Sally Robinson; C: Thomas Neuwirth; M: Mark McKenzie. TV