The Longest Day

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The Longest Day ★★★½ 1962

The complete story of the DDay landings at Normandy on June 6, 1944, as seen through the eyes of American, French, British, and German participants. Exhaustively accurate details and extremely talented cast make this one of the alltime great Hollywood epic productions. The first of the big budget, all-star war productions; based on the book by Cornelius Ryan. Three directors share credit. Also available in a colorized version. 179m/C VHS, DVD . John Wayne, Richard Burton, Red Buttons, Robert Mitchum, Henry Fonda, Robert Ryan, Paul Anka, Mel Ferrer, Edmond O'Brien, Fabian, Sean Connery, Roddy McDowall, Arletty, Curt Jurgens, Rod Steiger, Jean-Louis Barrault, Peter Lawford, Robert Wagner, Sal Mineo, Leo Genn, Richard Beymer, Jeffrey Hunter, Stuart Whitman, Eddie Albert, Tom Tryon, Alexander Knox, Ray Danton, Kenneth More, Richard Todd, Gert Frobe, Christopher Lee, John Robinson; D: Bernhard Wicki, Ken Annakin, Andrew Marton; W: James Jones, David Pursall, Jack Seddon, Romain Gary; C: Jean (Yves, Georges) Bourgoin, Pierre Levent, Henri Persin, Walter Wottitz; M: Maurice Jarre. Oscars ‘62: B&W Cinematog.