The Longest Yard 1974

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The Longest Yard ★★★ 1974 (R)

A onetime pro football quarterback, now an inmate, organizes his fellow convicts into a football team to play against the prison guards. Of course, he's being pressured by the evil warden to throw the game. One of the alltime classic football movies. Filmed on location at Georgia State Prison. 121m/C VHS, DVD . Sonny Shroyer, Michael Conrad, James Hampton, Harry Caesar, Charles Tyner, Mike Henry, Anitra Ford, Michael Fox, Joe Kapp, Pepper Martin, Robert Tessier, Burt Reynolds, Eddie Albert, Bernadette Peters, Ed Lauter, Richard Kiel; D: Robert Aldrich; W: Tracy Keenan Wynn; C: Joseph Biroc; M: Frank DeVol. Golden Globes ‘75: Film—Mus./Comedy.