The Lost City 2005

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The Lost City ★★ 2005 (R)

Garcia's directorial debut is a 20-year, overextended labor of love. Set in 1958 Havana, the old-fashioned saga focuses on the three Fellove brothers and their reactions to the Batista dictatorship and Castro's revolution. Fico (Garcia), the eldest, is an apolitical nightclub owner who wants life to go on as it always has, while his two younger brothers, Luis (Carbonell) and Rico (Murciano), believe in violent change. Politics not only divides the family but soon shatters their comfortable existence, leading Fico into exile from his beloved home (as it did for Garcia's own family). The numerous musical interludes are only in Spanish. 143m/C DVD, HD DVD . US Andy Garcia, Nestor Carbonell, Enrique Murciano, Richard Bradford, Steven Bauer, Dustin Hoffman, Julio Oscar Mechoso, Tomas Milian, William Marquez, Bill Murray, Elizabeth Pena, Millie Perkins, Tony Plana, Ines Sastre, Juan Fernandez, Gonzalo Menendez, Jsu Garcia, Ruben Rabasa; D: Andy Garcia; W: G. Cabrera Infante; C: Emmanuel (Manu) Kadosh; M: Andy Garcia.