The Lost Man

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The Lost Man ★★½ 1969 (PG-13)

Odd, updated remake of 1947's “Odd Man Out,” which was based on the novel by F.L. Green. Jason (Poitier) leads a group of black militants in robbing a factory in order to provide money for some civil rights organizations. Two are killed during the crime, which leads to various police shootouts. Meanwhile, Jason enlists the help of white social worker Cathy (Shimkus) to help him escape the country. 122m/ C VHS . Sidney Poitier, Joanna Shimkus, Al Freeman Jr., Michael (Lawrence) Tolan, Richard Dysart, Paul Winfield, Bernie Hamilton, Dolph Sweet, David Steinberg; D: Robert Arthur; W: Robert Arthur; C: Gerald Perry Finnerman; M: Quincy Jones.