The Lost Empire 2001

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The Lost Empire ★½ 2001

Lavish but muddled (and ultimately dull) story originally broadcast as a fourhour miniseries. American businessman Nicholas Orton (Gibson), who once studied Chinese literature and history, meets cute with a mystery woman who turns out to be Kwan Ying (Ling), the Goddess of Mercy. She tells Nick he has 3 days to save the human world from slavery by saving the classic Chinese manuscript “The Journey to the West” from falling into the wrong hands. Helping Nick are characters from the story, including the anarchic Monkey King (Wong). 134m/C VHS, DVD . Thomas Gibson, Bai Ling, Russell Wong, Ric Young, Kabir Bedi, Henry O; D: Peter Macdonald; W: David Henry Hwang; C: David Connell; M: John Altman. TV