Lapierre, Laurier L.

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LAPIERRE, Laurier L.

LAPIERRE, Laurier L. Canadian, b. 1929. Genres: Plays/Screenplays, History. Career: Senator, Canadian historian, radio and television broadcaster, educator, and author. School of Journalism, University of Regina, Bell Professor; University of Western Ontario, lecturer, 1960-62; McGill University, Toronto, ON, lecturer, 1963-64, associate professor of history, 1965-, became director of French-Canadian studies program; La Saberdache Quebecoise (collection), director. Host of radio and television programs. Publications: 1759: The Battle for Canada, 1990; Canada, My Canada: What Happened?, 1992; Sir Wilfrid Laurier and the Romance of Canada, 1996; Quebec, a Tale of Love, 2001. EDITOR: Four O'clock Lectures: French-Canadian Thinkers of the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries, 1966; Quebec: Hier et aujourd'hui, 1967; Essays on the Left: Essays in Honor of T.C. Douglas, 1971; If You Love this Country: Facts and Feelings on Free Trade, 1987. RADIO SCRIPTS: Genesis of a Nation: British North America, 1776-1867, 1966; The Apprenticeship: Canada from Confederation to the Eve of the First World War, 1967. Address: 28S Fairmont Ave, Ottawa, ON, Canada K1Y 1Y4. Online address: [email protected]