Jarman, Julia

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JARMAN, Julia. British, b. 1946. Genres: Children's fiction. Career: Author, 1983-. Worked previously as a teacher of English and drama. Publications: FOR CHILDREN: When Poppy Ran Away, 1985; Ollie and the Bogle, 1987; Poppy and the Vicarage Ghost, 1988; Squonk, 1989; The Ghost of Tantony Pig, 1990; Pippa and the Witch, 1990; Toby and the Space Cats, 1990; Not-So-Silly Billy, 1990; The Magic Carrot, 1990; Emily the Spy, 1990; Aunt Horrible and the Very Good Idea, 1990; James and the Dragon, 1990; The Rabbit Said Miaow, 1990; The Goat Is Eating Debbie!, 1990; Naughty Norman, 1990; Fat Cat, 1990; Lucy Calls the Fire Brigade, 1990; Babies Are Yuck!, 1990; There's a Monster, 1990; Paul and the Robber, 1990; Look at My Spots, 1990; Lucy the Tiger, 1990; (with D. Burnard) Georgie and the Dragon, 1991; Plays, 1991; Topher and the Time-Travelling Cat, 1992, as The Time-Travelling Cat and the Egyptian Goddess, 2001; (with D. Burnard) Georgie and the Planet Raider, 1993; Will There Be Polar Bears?, 1993; The Jessame Stories, 1994; (with D. Burnard) Georgie and the Computer Bugs, 1995; Return of Squonk, 1995; (with J. Anderson) Gertie and the Bloop, 1996; The Crow Haunting, 1996; A Test for the Time-Travelling Cat, 1997, as The Time-Travelling Cat and the Tudor Treasure, 2001; More Jessame Stories, 1997; Little Mouse Grandma, 1997; Convict: A Tale of Criminals Sent to Australia, 1997; The Sewer Sleuth: A Tale of Victorian Cholera, 1997; Chillers: The Haunting of Nadia, 1998; The Hangman, 1999; The Revenge of Tommy Bones, 2001; The Time-Travelling Cat and the Roman Eagle, 2001; The Magic Backpack; Red Fox and Bully Bear; Rabbit's Birthday Surprise; Terrible Tiger. ALL ABOARD SERIES: Sam and the Tadpoles, 1994; You Can't Scare Me, 1994; Detective Tilak, 1994; Mountain Rescue, 1994; The Great Lorenzo, 1994; Speedy's Day Out, 1994; Hiccups!, 1994; Big Sister Rosie, 1994; Clumsy Clara, 1994; Little Monster, 1994; Clouds, 1994; No, Sam!, 1994; The Terrible Fright, 1994; Computer Kate, 1994; Bobby's Bad Day, 1994; The Magic Smell, 1994; Rosie and the Dinosaurs, 1994; Nog's Dinner, 1994; Jabeen and the New Moon, 1994; Pancakes, 1994; Grandad's Balloon, 1994; Pandora and the Pirates, 1994; The Hot Pepper Queen and the Mango Babies, 1994; Fussy Frieda, 1994; (reteller) The Ghost Next Door, 1994; Swan Rescue, 1994; The Parrot, 1994; (with M. Simon) All Aboard: Extended Stories for Reading Aloud, 1994; Something in the Fridge, 1994; The Giant Sandwich, 1994; The Ghost in the Castle, 1994; The Greedy Guinea-Pig, 1994; Lizzie and the Car Wash, 1994; Scat Cat!, 1994; A Guinea-Pig for Rosie, 1994; (with M. Simon) Sam and Rosie's ABC, 1994; The Wizard, 1995; Dognapped? and Other Stories from Mulberry Green, 1995; Rosie's Photo Album, 1996; Naughty Nog; It's Not Fair; The Fun Run; Jessame to the Rescue and Other Stories. TALES FROM THE WHISPERY WOODS SERIES: Flying Friends, 2002; Mole's Useful Day, 2002; Owl's Big Mistake, in press; Always There, in press. Address: c/o Scholastic Children's Books, 1-19 New Oxford St., London WC1A 1NU, England. Online address: [email protected]