James Dean: Live Fast, Die Young

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James Dean: Live Fast, Die Young ★★ James Dean: Race with Destiny 1997 (PG-13)

Lightweight biopic of legendary acting rebel with a cause Dean (Van Dien). Film finds Dean troubled when girlfriend Pier Angeli (Carrie Mitchum, Robert's granddaughter) marries another, and in trouble with studio boss Jack Warner (Connors) and director George Stevens (Mitchum). 105m/C VHS, DVD . Casper Van Dien, Robert Mitchum, Mike Connors, Carrie Mitchum, Diane Ladd, Connie Stevens, Monique Parent, Casey Kasem, Joseph Campanella; D: Marti Rustam; W: Dan Sefton; C: Gary Graver, Irv Goodnoff. TV

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James Dean: Live Fast, Die Young

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