James Cinti de Cerqueto, Bl.

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augustinian hermit and ascetic; baptized Giacomo Cinti; b. Cerqueto near Perugia, Italy, at the close of the 13th century; d. Perugia, Apr. 17, 1367. He was noted for his exemplary life of virtue; many miracles were attributed to him, e.g., frogs ceased croaking when he preached outdoors. His relics have been venerated for centuries at Perugia, and his remains were enshrined by Horatius, bishop of Perugia, in 1754. His cult was first publicly approved in 1895 by leo xiii. The fact that the Augustinians are sometimes permitted to wear white habits is attributed to his prayers.

Feast: Apr. 17.

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James Cinti de Cerqueto, Bl.

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