Ivan the Terrible, Part 2

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Ivan the Terrible, Part 2 ★★★½ Ivan the Terrible, Part 2: The Boyars' Plot; Ivan Groznyi 2 1946

Landed gentry conspire to dethrone the czar in this continuation of the innovative epic. More stunning imagery from master Eisenstein, who makes no false moves in this one. Slow going, but immensely rewarding. Russian dialogue with English subtitles; contains color sequences. 87m/B VHS, DVD . RU Nikolai Cherkassov, Lyudmila Tselikovskaya, Serafina Birman, Piotr Kadochnikev; D: Sergei Eisenstein; W: Sergei Eisenstein; C: Eduard Tisse, Andrei Moskvin; M: Sergei Prokofiev.