Ivaldi, Humberto (1909–1947)

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Ivaldi, Humberto (1909–1947)

Humberto Ivaldi (b. 1909; d. 1947), Panamanian painter. He trained initially under Roberto Lewis and later at the San Fernando Academy in Madrid (1930–1935). In Panama, he became an art teacher and later director of the Escuela Nacional de Pintura, where he influenced a generation of Panamanian artists. A frustrated man, he left many unfinished works and his early death is presumed to have been a suicide.

Ivaldi's academic background stands out in his traditional still lifes and numerous portraits. However, his more "modern" genre paintings and landscapes, for example, Viento en la Loma (1945), are characterized by expressive brush strokes, dynamic compositions, and the rich atmospheric quality of his colors.

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