Gypsy 83

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Gypsy 83 ★★ 2001

Rue is goth girl Gypsy Vale, a Stevie Nicks wanna-be named after her idol's famous song, who unhappily resides in decidedly un-hip Sandusky, Ohio with her hippie dad and abandoned by her still-aspiring rock star mother. Desperate to flee the quiet Midwestern berg where she and her only friend Clive (Turton) serve merely as social outcasts, the two black-clad souls head to a New York nightclub to participate in the “Night of 1000 Stevies” Nicks tribute bash. The two encounter some predictable problems along the way, including being hassled about the way they look by various small-minded locals but also meet some reassuring kindred spirits, including wash-up lounge singer Black and Amish boy Scoville. Typical rebel without a cause premise made slightly better by a decent Rue and Turton. 94m/C VHS, DVD . US Sara Rue, Karen Black, John Doe, Paulo Costanzo, Kett Turton, Anson Scoville; D: Todd Stephens; W: Todd Stephens; C: Gina DeGirolamo; M: Marty Beller.