Goldstein, Larry Joel

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GOLDSTEIN, Larry Joel. American, b. 1944. Genres: Information science/Computers, Mathematics/Statistics. Career: Yale University, New Haven, CT, Josiah Willard Gibbs Instructor, 1967-69; University of Maryland at College Park, associate professor, 1969-72, professor, 1972-84, adjunct professor, 1985-; writer. Auerbach Corp., member of technical staff, 1960-66; Science Service Inc., judge for Westinghouse Science Talent Search, 1969-88; Robert J. Brady Co., founder of and adviser for Microcomputer Series, 1980-84; Larry Joel Goldstein Inc., president, 1980-; Goldstein Software Inc., president, 1985-; consultant to Analytics Inc. and CTEC Inc. U.S. Naval Academy, Secretary of the Navy Distinguished Professor, 1990-91; lecturer at colleges and universities. Publications: Lectures on Analytic Number Theory (monograph), 1968; Analytic Number Theory (monograph), 1971; Abstract Algebra: A First Course, 1973; (with W. Adams) An Introduction to Number Theory, 1976; The Theory of Numbers (monograph), 1976; (with D. Lay and D. Schneider) Calculus and Its Applications, 1977, abridged ed, 1980, 6th ed, 1993; (with D. Schneider) Introduction to Mathematics, 1976; (with David Schneider) Finite Mathematics and Its Applications, 1980, 4th ed (with Schneider and M. Siegel), 1991; (with D. Lay and D. Schneider) Modern Mathematics and Its Applications, 1980; TRS-80 Model III: Programming and Applications, 1982; IBM Personal Computer: Programming and Applications, 1982; BASIC for the Apple II, 1982; (with S. Campbell and S. Zimmerman) The Osborne Computer: Programming and Applications, 1982; (with G. Streitmatter) PET/CBM: Programming and Applications, 1983; (with S. Manetta) The Franklin ACE: Programming and Applications, 1983; (with L. Graff) AppleSoft BASIC for the Apple II and II/e, 1983; IBM PC: An Introduction to the Operating System (with software), 1983, 3rd ed as IBM PC: An Introduction to the Operating System, BASIC Language, and Applications, 1986; Advanced BASIC and Beyond (with software), 1983; IBM PCjr Buyer's Guide, 1983; The COMPAQ Computer: User's Guide, 1983; The Graphics Generator: A Business Graphics Package for the IBM PC, 1983; Mathematics for Management: Social and Biological Sciences, 2nd ed, 1984; IBM PCjr: An Introduction to the Operating System, BASIC Language, and Applications (with software), 1984; (with F. Mosher) An Introduction to the Commodore 64, 1984; (with J. Rensin) Basically Kaypro, 1984; TRS-80 Model III/4: An Introduction to the Operating System, BASIC Language, and Applications, 1984; (with J. Rensin) Hewlett-Packard 150: User's Guide, 1984; An Introduction to ADAM SmartBASIC, 1984; (with R. Ellis and M. Ellis) The Atari 600/800/1200, 1984; (with D. Schneider) Macintosh: An Introduction to Microsoft BASIC, 1984, 2nd ed (with Schneider and G. Helzer), 1986; (with L. Graff) Applesoft BASIC on the Apple IIc, 1984; Computers and Their Applications, 1986; TRUE BASIC: An Introduction to Structured Programming, 1986; Microcomputer Applications: A Hands-On Approach to Computer Literacy, 1987; PASCAL and Its Applications: An Introduction to Programming, 1988; Turbo Pascal and Its Applications, 1988; Hands-On QuickBASIC, 1988; Hands-On Turbo C, 1989; Hands-On Turbo BASIC, 1989; Hands-On Turbo Pascal, 1991; Algebra and Trigonometry and Their Applications, 1993; Algebra and Its Applications, 1993; Trigonometry and Its Applications, 1993; The Official Student Guide to QBASIC, 1993; IBM PC and Compatibles, 5th ed, 1993; Business Statistics and Its Applications, in press; College Algebra for Students of Business and the Social Sciences, in press; Precalculus and Its Applications, in press; Contributor to scientific periodicals. Address: 4 Bittersweet Dr, Doylestown, PA 18901, U.S.A. Online address: [email protected]