Goldstein, Salwian

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GOLDSTEIN, SALWIAN (1855–1926), Russian historian. Goldstein was born in Warsaw to an assimilated family. In 1888 he began lecturing on Polish and Lithuanian antiquities at the Imperial Archaeological Institute at St. Petersburg. In 1908 he was among the founders of the Jewish Historical-Ethnographical Society and was in charge of its archives. Goldstein's main activity was the collection of documents and other material on the history of Russian Jewry. He organized the archives of S. *Bershadsky and cooperated in the preparation and editing of the collections of documents Regesty i nadpisi (3 vols., 1899–1913) and Russko-yevreyskiy arkhiv (vol. 3, 1903). He published studies in Yevreyskaya starina and similar publications and was a contributor to the Yevreyskaya Entsiklopediya, the Russian-Jewish encyclopedia. Goldstein belonged to the small group of scholars who endeavored to maintain some sort of independent Jewish scholarship under Soviet rule.


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[Yehuda Slutsky]