Goldstein, Imre

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GOLDSTEIN, Imre. Israeli/American (born Hungary), b. 1938. Genres: Poetry, Translations. Career: Tel Aviv University, Israel, professor of theatre, 1974-2003; U.S. State Department, Washington, DC, escort and seminar interpreter (Hungarian and Hebrew), 1991-; director, translator, and writer. Hunter College, adjunct lecturer, 1972-74; University of North Carolina, visiting associate professor, 1990-91. Publications: Triple Jump (poems), 1984; Dream of the Last Moment (poems), 1998; November Spring (novel), 2000. TRANSLATOR: U. Oren, Loving Strangers, 1975; F. Karinthy, Three Short Plays, 1979; A. Artzi, Godly Forces Revealed, 1981; G. Ben Simhon, A Moroccan King (play), 1982; Y. Biro, Profane Mythology: The Savage Mind of the Cinema, 1982; D. Horowitz, Uncle Arthur (play), 1982; D. Horowitz, Yossele Golem (play), 1982; O. Strahl, Encounters in the Forest (play), 1984; M. Lerner, Kastner (play), 1993; T. Dery, The Giant Baby (play), 1986; The Dybbuk (play), 1991; G. Konrad, A Feast in the Garden, 1992; Oedipus Tyrannos (play), 1992; Ten Hungarian Plays, 1994; P. Salamon, The House of Sorel, 1994; (with I. Sanders) P. Nadas, A Book of Memories, 1997; P. Nadas, The End of a Family Story, 1998; P. Nadas, Burial (play), 1998; P. Nadas, A Lovely Tale of Photography, 1999; P. Nadas, Love (novel), 2000. Contributor of poems to periodicals. Address: 7 Kaplan St, 64734 Tel Aviv, Israel. Online address: [email protected]