Candy 2006

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Candy ★★ 2006 (R)

Heroin chic. Handsome Dan (Ledger) is a would-be poet wooing lovely artist Candy (Cornish). He's already shooting heroin and Candy (who sniffs the stuff) demands he let her needle up. A near-overdose doesn't dim Candy's enthusiasm, especially when their fatherly dealer Casper (Rush) is such a reliable supplier. Pic naturally descents into druggie hell as the two turn to crime to help pay for their habits, with intermittent efforts to get clean. Typical junkie fare, although much less harrowing than a lot of addiction flicks. 108m/C DVD . AU Heath Ledger, Abbie Cornish, Geoffrey Rush, Tony (Anthony) Martin, Noni Hazlehurst; W: Neil Armfield, Luke Davies; C: Garry Phillips; M: Paul Charlier.