Thulin, Ingrid (1929—)

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Thulin, Ingrid (1929—)

Swedish actress. Born on January 27, 1929, in Solleftea, Sweden; studied acting at the Royal Dramatic Theater, Stockholm; married Harry Schein (founder of the Swedish Film Institute).

Selected filmography, all Swedish except where noted:

Where the Winds Blow (1948); Love Will Conquer (1948); Jack of Hearts (1950); Foreign Intrigue (US, 1956); Wild Strawberries (1957); Brink of Life (1958); The Magician (1958); The Judge (1960); The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (US, 1962); Winter Light (1963); The Silence (1963); Die Lady (Games of Desire, Ger.-Fr., 1964); Sextet (Den., 1964); Return from the Ashes (US-UK, 1965); La Guerre est finie (Fr.-Sw., 1966); Night Games (1966); Adélaide (Fr-It., 1968); Hour of the Wolf (1968); The Ritual (1969); La Caduta degli Dei (Götterdämmerung or The Damned, It.-Ger., 1969); Cries and Whispers (1972); A Handful of Love (1974); Devotion (short, also dir., 1975); La Cage (Fr., 1975); Moses (UK-It. 1976); Salon Kitty (Madam Kitty, It.-Ger.-Fr., 1976); The Cassandra Crossing (US, 1977); E Comincio il Viaggio nella Vertigini (It., 1977); One and One (also codir., 1978); Brusten Himmel (Broken Sky, dir. only, 1982); At the Rehearsal (1984); Il Giorno Prima (Control, It.-Fr.-Can., 1987); La Casa del Sorriso (House of Smiles, It., 1991).

One of Sweden's finest stage and screen actresses, Ingrid Thulin trained at Stockholm's Royal Dramatic Theater and studied pantomime with Etienne Decroux in Paris. Although she began her film career in 1948, it was her work with director Ingmar Bergman during the 1950s—both at the Malmö Municipal Theater and in films—that brought her international recognition. Known for her aloof blonde beauty and her intellectual approach to characterization, she has worked with other such acclaimed directors as France's Alain Resnais (La Guerre est finie) and Italy's Luchino Visconti (The Damned). She won the Best Actress award at the Cannes Film Festival in 1958, for her role in Bergman's Brink of Life. Thulin also directed several films, including the short Devotion (1975), in which she also acted, and two features: One and One (1978) and Brusten Himmel (Broken Sky, 1982). The actress is married to Harry Schein, founder of the Swedish Film Institute.