Thumann, Albert

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THUMANN, Albert. American, b. 1942. Genres: Engineering. Career: Bechtel, San Francisco, CA, project engineer, 1964-77; Association of Energy Engineers, Atlanta, GA, executive director, 1977-. Publications: Secrets of Noise Control, 1974, 2nd ed., 1976; Plant Engineers and Managers Guide to Energy Conservation, 1977, 8th ed., 2001; Biorhythms and Industrial Safety, 1977; Electrical Design, Safety and Energy Conservation, 1978; Handbook of Energy Audits, 1979, 6th ed. (with W.S. Younger), 2003; Energy Audit Sourcebook, 1983; (with R.J. Goldstick) The Waste Heat Recovery Handbook, 1983; Fundamentals of Energy Engineering, 1984; The Emerging Synthetic Fuel Industry, 1985; Energy Management Systems Sourcebook, 1985; (with R.J. Goldstick) Principles of Waste Heat Recovery, 1986; Optimizing HVAC Systems, 1988; Guide to Improving Efficiency in Combustion Systems, 1988; Lighting Efficiency Applications, 1989, 2nd ed., 1991; (with J. Bent) Project Management for Engineering and Construction, 1989, 2nd ed., 1993; Introduction to Efficient Electrical Systems Design, 2nd ed., 1990; Energy Conservation in Existing Buildings, 1991; (with D.P. Mehta) Handbook of Energy Engineering, 1991, 5th ed., 2001; (with R. Hoshide) Energy Management in Government Buildings, 1994; (with R.C. Hsu) Guide to Self Patenting, 1997; Efficient HVAC Systems Deskbook, 1997; Financing Energy Projects Deskbook, 1997; (ed.) Customer Choice, 1999; (with K.L. Petrocelly) Facilities Evaluation Handbook, 2000. Address: Association of Energy Engineers, 4025 Pleasantdale Rd Ste 420, Atlanta, GA 30340, U.S.A. Online address: [email protected]