Thunder Alley 1967

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Thunder Alley ★★½ 1967

Annette teams up with Fabian again in this AIP stock car story. Daytona driver Fabian has a blackout during a race and causes a fatal crash. He and girlfriend McBain go on a thrill driving circuit, run by Murray. Annette is Murray's daughter and a swell stunt driver herself. To ingratiate himself with Annette, Fabian agrees to teach her boyfriend (Berlinger) how to be a pro racer and they become rivals. Annette's last role for AIP was a bit more mature than what she'd previously done and the flick overall is geared more towards action than boy/ girl fun in the sun. 90m/C DVD . Fabian, Annette Funicello, Diane McBain, Warren Berlinger, Jan Murray, Stanley Adams; D: Richard Rush; W: Sy Salkowitz; C: Monroe Askins; M: Michael Curb.