Nissen, Greta (1906–1988)

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Nissen, Greta (1906–1988)

Norwegian actress. Born Grethe Ruzt-Nissen on January 30, 1906, in Oslo, Norway; died of Parkinson's disease in Montecito, California, on May 15, 1988.

Selected filmography:

Lost—A Wife (1925); In the Name of Love (1925); The Wanderer (1925); The King on Main Street (1925); The Love Thief (1926); The Lady of the Harem (1926); The Popular Sin (1926); The Lucky Lady (1926); Blonde or Brunette (1927); Blind Alleys (1927); Fazil (1928); The Butter and Egg Man (1928); Women of All Nations (1931); Transatlantic (1931); Ambassador Bill (1931); Good Sport (1931); The Silent Witness (1932); Rackety Rax (1932); The Unwritten Law (1932); The Circus Queen Murder (1933); Melody Cruise (1933); Best of Enemies (1933); On Secret Service (Spy 77, UK, 1933); Red Wagon (UK, 1934); Honors Easy (UK, 1935).

A ballerina and stage actress before turning to films, Norwegian beauty Greta Nissen was under contract to Hollywood's Paramount Studio from 1925 through 1928, during which time she starred in a number of popular silent films. Scheduled for the lead in Hell's Angels (1930), the blue-eyed blonde was replaced by Jean Harlow when the film became a talkie. At the end of her career, Nissen returned to the stage

and made several British films, the last of which was Honors Easy in 1935.