Badarzewski-Baranowska, Tekla (1834–1861)

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Badarzewski-Baranowska, Tekla (1834–1861)

Polish composer known chiefly for her piece The Maiden's Prayer. Born in Warsaw, Poland, in 1834; died in Warsaw on September 24, 1861.

Tekla Badarzewski-Baranowska wrote one of the first musical pieces to sell on the international music market. Originally published in 1856, The Maiden's Prayer appeared throughout the world. By 1859, over 80 publishers had printed versions of the 22-year-old composer's work. This world bestseller appeared in over 140 editions and reprints, and hundreds of thousands of copies were printed. The work was transcribed for almost every instrument and even for full orchestra. The Maiden's Prayer was a popular rather than a classical work, a salon composition of a type common in the 19th century. Although Badarzewski-Baranowska wrote other works, she never duplicated her first success. Her career was cut short when she died at the young age of 27.

John Haag , Athens, Georgia

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