Bad Taste

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Bad Taste ★★★ 1988

A definite pleaser for the person who enjoys watching starving aliens devour the average, everyday human being. Alien fast-food manufacturers come to earth in hopes of harvesting all of mankind. The earth's fate lies in the hands of the government who must stop these rampaging creatures before the whole human race is gobbled up. Terrific make-up jobs on the aliens add the final touch to this gory, yet humorous cult horror flick. 90m/C VHS, DVD . NZ Peter Jackson, Pete O'Herne, Mike Minett, Terry Potter, Craig Smith, Doug Wren, Dean Lawrie, Peter Vere-Jones, Ken Hammon, Michael Gooch; D: Peter Jackson; W: Tony Hiles, Peter Jackson, Ken Hammon; C: Peter Jackson; M: Michelle Scullion.