Bad Seed

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Bad Seed ★★ Preston Tylk 2000 (R)

Mild-mannered Preston (Wilson) storms out of the house when he discovers wife Emily (Avital) is having an affair. He returns home to find her murdered—maybe by her boyfriend Jonathan (Reedus) whom Preston then tries to track down. There's another murder, both men go on the lam, and Preston turns to a hard-luck PI, Dick (Farina), for help. Too bad the film doesn't hang together better since it had the makings of a fine little thriller. 92m/C VHS, DVD . Luke Wilson, Norman Reedus, Dennis Farina, Mili Avital, Vincent Kartheiser; D: Jon Bokenkamp; W: Jon Bokenkamp; C: Joey Forsyte; M: Kurt Kuenne.