Friedl, Ernestine (1920–)

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Friedl, Ernestine (1920–)

American cultural anthropologist. Born 1920 in Hungary; moved to US with family at age 2, settling in the Bronx, NY; Hunter College, BA, 1941; Columbia University, PhD in cultural anthropology, 1950; m. Harry Levy (classicist).

Studied under Ralph Linton and Ruth Benedict at Columbia; performed field-work with Chippewa in Wisconsin (1942 and 1943); taught at Wellesley College, Brooklyn College, and Queen's College; conducted fieldwork in Vasilika, Greece, then published Vasilika: A Village in Modern Greece (1962); conducted fieldwork with migrants from Vasilika to Athens (1964–65); while in Athens, worked on Women and Men: An Anthropologist's View (1975) which examined gender role definition among hunter and gatherer societies and horticultural societies; served as president of American Ethnological Society (1967) and as president of American Anthropological Society (1974–75); served as dean of arts and sciences at Duke University.

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