Friedenberg, Albert Marx

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FRIEDENBERG, ALBERT MARX (1881–1942), U.S. lawyer and historian. Friedenberg was born in New York City. At the age of 19, he joined the *American Jewish Historical Society and became one of its leading members; he was largely responsible for the issuance of 17 volumes of the Publications of the American Jewish Historical Society (ajhsp, nos. 18–34). Friedenberg wrote numerous papers and articles on the early history of Jews in America, immigration, historical aspects of Zionism, Jews in Masonry, and the Jewish periodical press, and also on local German Jewish history, literature, and biography. He acted as the New York correspondent of the Baltimore Jewish Comment (1902–10) and the Chicago Reform Advocate (1905–31), and as contributing editor of the New York Hebrew Standard (1907–23).


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[Isidore S. Meyer]