Suffrage in the 20th Century: Representative Works

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Mary Ritter Beard

A Short History of the American Labor Movement (history) 1920

On Understanding Women (nonfiction) 1931

Harriot Stanton Blatch

Mobilizing Woman-Power (nonfiction) 1918

A Woman's Point of View: Some Roads to Peace (nonfiction) 1920

Challenging Years [with Alma Lutz] (memoir) 1940

Carrie Chapman Catt

Woman Suffrage and Politics: The Inner Story of the Suffrage Movement [with Nettie Rogers Shuler] (nonfiction) 1923

Why Wars Must Cease [with Eleanor Roosevelt, Jane Addams, and others] (nonfiction) 1935

Charlotte Despard and Mabel Collins

Outlawed: A Novel on the Woman Suffrage Question (novel) 1908

G. Colmore

Suffragette Sally (novel) 1911

Cicely Hamilton

How the Vote Was Won (play) 1909

Inez Hayes Irwin

The Story of the Woman's Party (nonfiction) 1921

Christabel Pankhurst

The Great Scourge and How to End It (nonfiction) 1913

Elizabeth Robins

The Convert (novel) 1907

Evelyn Sharp

Rebel Women (short stories) 1910

Anna Howard Shaw

The Story of a Pioneer (nonfiction) 1915

May Sinclair

The Tree of Heaven (novel) 1917

Mrs. Humphry Ward

Delia Blanchflower (novel) 1914

Ida B. Wells-Barnett

Southern Horrors (nonfiction) 1892

Lynch Law in Georgia (pamphlet) 1899

Crusade for Justice (autobiography) 1970

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Suffrage in the 20th Century: Representative Works

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