Temple of the Holy Grail (THG)

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Temple of the Holy Grail (THG)

The Temple of the Holy Grail (THG) is a small initiatory mystery school based upon the belief that what are now known as the "Grail" mysteries (and hence associated with the cup used by Christ at the Last Supper) existed in Western Europe long before the first century and the advent of Christianity. They were a as a graded path of initiation comparable to the Lam Rim of Tibetan Buddhism. Through the centuries, the mysteries evolved into an esoteric Christian school, the primary work being attributed to the legendary Graalmeister Treverezent in the ninth century C.E. It was later associated with chivalric orders, and the alchemical and Gnostic schools.

The Temple of the Holy Grail began its history at the end of the nineteenth century with a secret English Templar order that possessed an ancient Jewish terra-cotta cup believed to be the true Eucharistic vessel of the Last Supper. The cup was encased in gold, with two ancient silver auxiliary "grails," prepared in 1888 to do the sacred Grail Rites as had been done once each century by the order and its predecessors in the 88th year (88 being a mystical number in the Christian Kabbalah). The rite (a theurgical Eucharist) was performed with the understanding that it would reempower a channel for Divine Blessing upon the planet for the coming century and protect humanity from being overwhelmed by dark forces. However, in 1888, the elderly abbot of the order had some concern that the chalices would be stolen by people who wished to use them for less altruistic magical purposes.

The chalices were secretly transported to London, where the centennial ceremony was to be performed. However, in spite of all precautions, the three chalices were stolen and used for black magical purposes. When the primary chalice was eventually recovered, the gold was melted down, and the pottery cup smashed into the earth. (Later, one of the auxiliary chalices turned up at an antiquities auction in Antioch where it was purchased by the Metropolitan Museum in New York; it is now exhibited as the "Chalice of Antioch" with legends of it having been the Holy Grail. The third chalice was never found.)

The actual founding of the Temple of the Holy Grail as it presently exists began in the 1960s with the magical preparation undertaken by a solitary magician. He was not aware of the prior history of the destruction of the Grail and not formally connected with any traditional Grail order. However, through interior guidance, he was led over several years to construct a new chalice using white magical and theurgical preparations. Following that same guidance, in August of 1988 he traveled over 1,000 miles to a sacred site in Canada, where he used the new chalice for a theurgical Eucharist to bless the planet and humanity. Only after this event, which he performed quite unaware of its full implications, did he while returning home hear an interior voice naming him the "Grailmaster." He was unfamiliar with the term. Subsequently, he received teachings telepathically in lucid dreams from a Tibetan Lama that eventually became the First Empowerment of the First Order of THG. Shortly after this, he discovered a written account of the events of 1888. He then began to understand the impulse that led him to prepare the new vessel and conduct the 1988 centennial rite.

Soon after these events, Bishop George Boyer of the Sanctuary of the Gnosis in London contacted the new Grailmaster and transmitted to him all of the documents and information necessary to reestablish and preserve the esoteric European lineages deriving from the Grail tradition. The new Grailmaster subsequently brought forth new initiatory materials (by the process commonly called channeling) and led Bishop Boyer in undergoing them.

The new Grailmaster has also received the authority provided by both the traditional apostolic lineages passed through the Christian bishops over the centuries and newer lineages begun by bishops claiming ordination from occult realms. Various independent bishops have consecrated the new Grailmaster in 18 historical Apostolic and 22 European esoteric lineages. Additionally, the Grailmaster and Temple are Keepers of the True Grail, which is the Divine Royal Blood (San Greal in Christian esoteric tradition, and not to be confused with the Grail Chalice itself). For believers, the Grail is the normally invisible and intangible Divine sacrificial energy that nurtures evolutionary unfoldment in the physical universe and among beings developing in the physical level of existence. The Grail power sanctifies matter, and is identified with the Philosopher's Stone that transforms the lower into the Higher, expands contracted Heart-consciousness, and mediates inspiration, guidance, selfless service, and Divine Love.

The THG exists solely for a small number of individuals wishing to undertake private advanced esoteric training in order to anonymously serve human and planetary evolution. A relationship to the order is offered by invitation to people already ordained or otherwise advanced in recognized groups, or to individuals who, having prepared themselves apart from organizations, manifest a devotion to the spiritual unfoldment of humanity and of the planet. Members of the order proceed through the mysteries it perpetuates, the content of which is not disclosed to nonmembers, in an ordered sequence.

The Temple of the Holy Grail may be contacted through the Grailmaster at P.O. Box 3816, Santa Cruz, CA 95063-3816 or through Bishop George Boyer, Bishop Templar, 53 College Rd., Colliers Wood, London, UK SW19 2BP. Information on the temple may be found at its website: http://www.hometemple.org/.


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