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Temple Beautiful

Temple Beautiful is a channeling group currently headquartered in South Africa. It was founded in the United States by Ilona Linda Day who began to channel St. Germain and other of the ascended masters associated with the Theosophical Society and the "I Am" Religious Activity. Day passed the leadership of the group to a woman named Phaeryn. In the 1980s, tapes of Day's and Phaeryn's channeled messages were received in South Africa by Mienke Riemens, a resident of Rondebosch, a suburb of Cape Town. Riemens held meetings in her home where she played the tapes for those assembled.

At one point in the early 1990s, Phaeryn visited South Africa and gave a channeled reading to Chris Erasmus, a young man who had joined the group around 1990. During the reading, St. Germain asked Erasmus to be his channel in South Africa. He began channeling in 1994 and has established special contact with St. Germain and Serapis Bey. Prior to joining the group, he had been on a spiritual search that had led him to transcendental meditation. Shortly after Erasmus began channeling, the group outgrew the space in the Riemens' home and moved to Erasmus' home. The growth of the work in the late 1990s has led the group to build a separate temple facility.

The Temple Beautiful is organized as a mystery school. It is designed to assist people in making a connection to their higher self and places initiates in a position to receive direct guidance.

Temple Beautiful is located in suburban Cape Town.


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