Spriggs, George (1850-1912)

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Spriggs, George (1850-1912)

British materialization medium. The first records of his phenomena date from 1877 to 1879. Having discovered his psychic gifts, he became a nonprofessional medium and conducted séances for The Circle of Light in Cardiff, Wales. He had two Indian controls: "Swiftwater" and "Shiwaukee," who was "captured" from the medium Mary J. Hollis (also known as Mrs. Billings), with whom Spriggs sat in London.

The unique feature of Spriggs' séances was supposedly that the phantoms that appeared moved at a distance from the medium, walked about the house, went out into the garden in evening light (on one occasion three phantoms did this simultaneously), and sometimes changed into the form of somebody else. These visitors were seen by next-door neighbors, who threatened to call the police for "dealings with the devil."

In November 1880, Spriggs went to Melbourne, Australia. Similar phenomena were reported there: spirits who held out heavy objects, drank water, ate biscuits, and wrote letters to former sitters. After six years, the materializations ceased, but other phenomena remained. Spriggs gave direct voice sittings and clairvoyant diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

In 1900, he returned to England, and from 1903 until 1905 he gave free medical advice in the rooms of the London Spiritualist Alliance. The Psycho-Therapeutic Society was largely formed through his efforts. For years he diagnosed diseases for the society without charge.


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