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Valerianaceae A family of dicotyledonous (see DICOTYLEDON) herbs with opposite or wholly radical leaves, which are often pinnatifid and have no stipules. The inflorescence is a cymose, often dense or sometimes umbellate head of small flowers, which may be irregular. The calyx is either merely a ring, or forms a feathery pappus in fruit. The corolla is funnel-shaped, and sometimes spurred below. There are 1–4 stamens, attached to the usually 5-lobed corolla. The ovary is inferior, 3-celled, but with only 1 cell fertile. The fruit is dry and indehiscent. Modern classifications recognize about 17 genera, with 400 species, distributed widely except in Australia. Valerianella (corn salad) has been used as a vegetable. Centranthus (spurred valerian) is grown in gardens. Valeriana (valerian) has medicinal uses.