Valentini, Pier Francesco

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Baroque composer and theorist; b. Rome, c. 1570; d. Rome, 1654. Little is known of his life except that he was a pupil of G. M. Nanino. He wrote a number of theoretical works and composed many motets, madrigals, spiritual songs, and litanies, all in the Roman style exemplified by the works of palestrina. A remarkably skilled contrapuntalist, Valentini was best known in his time, and is chiefly remembered today, for his canon on the words of the Salve Regina "Illos tuos misericordes oculos ad nos converte" with resolutions in two, three, four, and six voices (1629). This canon had more than 2,000 possible resolutions, and became well known through Athanasius kircher's publication of it in part one of his great work, Musurgia universalis (Rome 1650).

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Valentini, Pier Francesco

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