Valentine, Pope

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Pontificate: August 827 to September 827; b. Rome, date unknown; d. Rome. Trained in a noble Christian home of Rome, Valentine entered the Church at an early age. Pope paschal i (817824) made him the cardinal deacon of the Roman diaconate. When Pope eugene ii died, August 27, 827, the Roman clergy and lay nobility sought young Valentine, found him at prayer in the church of St. Mary Major, led him to the Lateran Basilica, and there insisted that he accept the papacy. He was consecrated bishop and enthroned as pope at St. Peter's. This election showed the role played by the lay nobility and people in papal elections, despite previous conciliar regulations that denied them any participation (Roman Council, 796). During his short pontificate Valentine was noted for his piety, clemency, and liberality. He was buried at the Vatican.

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