Valentin, Hugo Maurice

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VALENTIN, HUGO MAURICE (1888–1963), Swedish historian and Zionist leader. Born in Sweden, Valentin first served as a teacher of history at a high school in Falun, but in 1930 was appointed lecturer, and in 1948 professor, at the University of Uppsala. His main topics of research were European and particularly Prussian history of the 18th century, and the history of the Jews in Sweden. In 1925 he became a Zionist, and from then on dedicated himself passionately to spreading Zionism to Swedish Jews. He became president, and later honorary president, of the Zionist Federation and was respected and beloved by all. He died suddenly in the studio of Stockholm Radio as he was preparing to defend the case of Israel in a disputation with an anti-Zionist.

Among his works on Jewish topics are Judarnas historia i Sverige ("History of the Jews in Sweden," 1924), the standard work on the subject; Anti-Semitism (1925, Eng. tr. 1926), a historical and critical examination; Kampen om Palestina ("The Struggle for Palestine," 1940); "Rescue Activities in Scandinavia" (in: yivo Annual of Jewish Social Science (1953), 22–51); and Judarna i Sverige ("The Jews in Sweden," 1964). For many years until his death, he was editor of the monthly Judisk Tidskrift ("Jewish Review"), originally established by Marcus *Ehrenpreis.

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Valentin, Hugo Maurice

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