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Scombridae (tuna, mackerel; subclass Actinopterygii, order Perciformes) A family of marine, pelagic fish, found in warm to temperate waters, that often have perfectly streamlined, spindle-shaped bodies. There are two widely separated dorsal fins; the second dorsal and the anal fin are each followed by a series of small finlets. The narrow caudal peduncle bears a strongly forked or lunate tail fin. The Scombridae are all fast-swimming, predatory fish and many species are much sought-after commercially, e.g. Thunnus thynnus (Atlantic tuna), 4.8 m, Thunnus alalunga (albacore), 1.2 m, and Scomber scombrus (Atlantic mackerel), 56 cm. There are about 45 species, distributed world-wide.