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TIVON (Heb. טִבְעוֹן), a locality in Galilee. Tivon is mentioned several times in talmudic literature in connection with various sages, some of whom lived there, including Abba Yose, R. Hanina son of Gamaliel, R. Judah of Tivim, R. Zadok the physician, and others, like R. Meir, who visited the local synagogue (Makhsh. 1:3; Tosef., Meg. 2:5; Tosef., Nid. 4:3; Meg. 24b). The people of Tivon were said to have suffered from a defect in their pronunciation which rendered them unsuitable for officiating as precentors. The site of Tivon has been identified with the ruins of Ṭabʿun 10 mi. (16 km.) east of Haifa. The lands of Tab ʿ un were acquired by the Jewish National Fund after long litigation, and a garden city, originally called Tivon but later *Kiryat Tivon, was established in the vicinity in 1936.


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[Michael Avi-Yonah]