Schwarzberg, Samuel Benjamin

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SCHWARZBERG, SAMUEL BENJAMIN (1865–1929), Hebrew publisher and editor in Poland and the U.S. Schwarzberg, who was born in Russia, published Hebrew books at the close of the 19th century in Warsaw, among them I.L. *Peretz' Hebrew poems, Ha-Ugav (1894). Arriving in the United States in 1897, he became editor of the Hebrew monthly Ner ha-Ma'aravi which appeared from 1895 to 1897. In 1898 he published a 33-page pamphlet Tikkatev Zot le-Dor Aḥaron ("This Shall be Written for the Final Generation"), a scathing attack on the attitude of the Jews toward the new Hebrew literature. He fought Yiddishism and its standard-bearer Chaim *Zhitlowsky. He also published a bibliography of the works of Senior *Sachs.


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Schwarzberg, Samuel Benjamin

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